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[Notice] A Guide to Mentoring Application
2022-01-05 20:41
Written by : Administrator
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 Hello, This is a secretariat of APPETIZER HACKATHON.

We will inform you that a couple of important dates & notices for your mentoring application.



[Mentoring Application by order of arrival]


1. Important Dates (Based on KST)


1) Mentoring Application Period : January 6th 09:00 am ~ January 7th 11:00 am (based on KST)


2) Additional Mentoring Application Period (if necessary) : January 7th 11:00 am ~ 14:00 pm

*please let us know through whatsapp


3) Mentoring Period : January 10th (Mon) ~ January 13th (Thurs)

* There will be an hour mentoring with API Company except for FoodLens_doingLab

ex) There will be about 30 minutes mentoring in case of applicants of FoodLens_doingLab due to the internal situation of that API Company



2. Important Notices

1) You can apply for Mentoring with only API Companies you will finally choose in the survey of final API Selection (

API Company that you will select finally equals to API Company you can apply for

If you apply for Mentoring with other API companies instead of an API company you finally select, your mentoring schedule will be canceled without notice in our system.

If you apply for mentoring more than three times, your mentoring schedule will be canceled without notice in our system. (Except for Additional Mentoring Application)


2) As a rule, each team can apply for mentoring up to 2 times. However, if you want to use 3 APIs for your idea development process, you can apply for another mentoring during only additional mentoring application period (January 7th 11:00 am ~ 14:00 pm) through Whatsapp


3) You can apply for mentoring with an API company only one time.

If you schedule for mentoring with an API company more than twice, your mentoring schedule will be canceled without notice in our system.


4) If you want to change or cancel your mentoring schedule due to unavoiadable circumstances, please contact through whatsapp


5) After discussion with your team members, one of team members should apply for mentoring on behalf of your team


If you have any questions, feel free to contact thorugh whatsapp.

Thank you! 
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