2021 Review

It was Tremendous!

Thank you for interest in our hackathon!
APPETIZER HACKATHON 2021 was held on the theme of
“New Normal in the POST-COVID-19 Era, The Beginning of innovation using Cloud”



Web Seminar &
Award Ceremony

During APPETIZER HACKATHON 2021 period, Orientation & Web Seminar and Final Presentation & Award Ceremony were successfully held online.

10 API Companies

Participants utilized 10 remarkable Korean APIs and developed
their creative idea during hackathon period.
10 Best Korean API companies from various fields joined our hackathon and
provide technical assistance and feedbacks to our participants.


4 Incredible Speakers

Some professional speakers who are highly renowned in the API fields shared their knowledge with our hackathon participants. A wide variety of topics were discussed and we hope many of you got inspiration from the lectures related to the various APIs. The Lectures were very organized and informative.

  • Mr. Zennon KapronKapronAsia

    Founder and Director

  • Mr.Jonghak KimIntel Corporation

    Technical Consultant

  • Mr. Uli HitzelCare

    Chief Architect & Head of Engineering

  • Mr. Riky Lutfi HamzahHappyfresh

    Lead Site Reliability Engineer

29 Teams, 76 Attendees

About 29 teams with 76 attendees from Southeast Asia joined our online hackathon.
They successfully finished the previous hackathon for about two months.
Thank you so much!

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