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Korea Corporation SecurityUSIGN Electronic Signature API

for Digital Document

USIGN Electronic Signature API

for Digital Document

USIGN is an AATL-based E signature solution for global that converts digital documents of various formats into PDF format and digitally signs documents.

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You can make much easier and safer digital document E signing with USIGN API.
It converts various formats of files into PDF and E sign by records signer’s digital information on the document and signature or stamp image.
USIGN API can be used in almost every kinds of working process that has been done in paper.
Can be connected or integrated in the existing systems like Groupware, ERP, CRM etc.

Service Details

    USIGN electronic signature is not only put signature or seal images on the document but also records the signers identity,
    signing time and signing place(IP) in the document. It complies with various global standards so it can be used globally.

      - Convert various formats of files into PDF.

      - Before converting the file, USIGN tracks down and delete malignant code in the file.

      - AATL based Electronic signature-Not only put images on the document
         but records the digital information from various type of authentication methods ex: DID, eKYC ,certificate etc.

      - USIGN guarantees

         1. Anti-forgery and tampering
         2. Verification of the signer's identity
         3. Preserving date and time of production
         4. Simple and convenient to use
         5. Safe and secure Signing key management

      - USIGN Compliance

         1. Based on WebTrust approved AATL Certificate
         2. Complied with E-signature law of Rep.Korea, US, EU, etc.
         3. Complied with eIDAS / US Esign/ UETA / FDA CFR 21 PART 11/ etc.

      - The first patented E sign solution in Korea. (2021)

      - Awarded Minister prize from Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. (2021)


Use Cases

USIGN is the best way to replace the paper work flow for all companies that use paper document contracts,
such as trade, export, personnel management, public institutions, and small business owners.

  - Shipping and Maritimee
   => Berthing Certificate

  - International Trade
   => Invoice, Contract

  - Bio, Pharmaceutical Industry
   => Data Sheet, Report, FDA Approval Document

  - Public Institution
   => Contract, Official Document, Agreement

  - Entertainment Industry
   => Contract, Official Document, Agreement

  - Shipping and Maritimee
   => Artist Contract, Official Document. Agreement

  - Government Project
   => Cloud Service voucher Project 2022
   => Untact service voucher Project 2022
   => ICT information security support Project 2022