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Langcode CXP

Provides customized question answering based on documents and files as a conversational AI

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As a conversational AI platform, Langcode CXP provides API to create, interact, manage intelligent AI
bots for customized question answering. Building your own AI chatbot is as simple as just uploading documents and files.

Service Details

    Core Features

      - Create AI bot
        : Use our API to create your own AI chatbot.

      - Upload documents
        : The AI bot can automatically process the uploaded documents to provide question answering.

      - Request an answer
        : Submit a question through API and get the AI bot’s answer.

      - Get chat history
        : The AI bot also can save and manage chat sessions based on user ID you’ve submitted


      - No need to prepare Q&A dataset for training.
      - Support any domain, format of documents.
      - The AI bot can handle heterogenous documents and data intelligently.
      - Multiple language support. (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, …)
      - Training and management of AI model is fully automated.


Use Cases

Our clients & PoC

  - Mercedes-Benz
    : AI chatbot for DevOps Q&A

  - KB Healthcare
    : AI chatbot for personalized digital healthcare

  - Changshin & Nike
    : Quick search and analysis of manufacturing issues

AI-driven EX(Employee eXperience) Innovation

  - Virtual Employee Assistant for Q&A automation and empowerment
  - No-code, intuitive data analysis with conversational experience
  - Seamless integration with existing workspace and tools
    (Microsoft ecosystem, Atlassian ecosystem, Slack, DevOps toolchain, …)

AI-driven CX(Customer eXperience) Innovation

  - AI Concierge for personalized & automated customer service
  - Optimize and digitalize service, accident support, recall process
  - Integrate with existing customer-facing resources & channels