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STEPPAYSubscription management and


Subscription management and solution

With our RESTful APIs and SDKs, Steppay helps businesses in need of the entire subscription e-commerce workflow.

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Steppay's all-in-one solution helps enterprises to accept various payment methods and
manage their recurring billings along with various eCommerce add-on features.

Service Details

    100+customers, 83% CS costs dropped, 11 Partnered payment gateways, 2000hrs developer hours saved

    Steppay is the industry leader in subscription management and solution platform based in South Korea,
    enabling B2B SaaS and SMBs to start any subscription-based billing models shortly.

    Having seen the growing struggles and stress of developing subscription models for businesses on their own,
    Steppay wanted to make a service that is easy and time-saving for every business.
    That's how our solution was born - Not only we support businesses getting benefits with recurring payments in an easy way,
    but we allow them to manage their order, shipping, product, payment systems in one place.

    With Steppay, you can expect :
      - To save tons of development hours and thousands of costs
      - To start your subscription business right away
      - To configure any types of recurring models (one-time, tiered, usage-based, etc)
      - To accept various payment methods for recurring billing such as credit and debit cards,
         simple one-button pay, bank transfer, mobile payment, etc.
      - To choose from 11 different payment gateways and integrate them at once
      - To manage/analyze products, customers, payments, and sales in the all-in-one platform

Use Cases

With our RESTful APIs and SDKs, Steppay helps businesses in need of the entire subscription e-commerce workflow from recurring billing,
invoicing, managing orders, and dealing with shipping. Because we offer full API of our services, companies running Software as a Service(SaaS),
or businesses of any size wishing to transform their business model to subscription are suitable to use our platform.